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Transformational Toolkit for Your Imperfect Journey

"Transformation is a journey without a final destination."

Marylin Ferguson


Resources. It's the heart of my new website.

To grow and heal and transform, we need practical and helpful resources.

As I mentioned in the post, My Interview with Brene Brown, featuring my About Me page, growing up, my mom had many personal and spiritual growth resources that intrigued me. So at a very young age, I began my quest for healing, wholeness, and transformation by trying out what the various resources had to offer. At first, it was mainly reading books, but then I incorporated listening to cassette tapes. Some of my early favorites included learning about love from author Leo Buscaglia and accepting that life is difficult from The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. I found self-help courses before they were even trendy such as Attacking Anxiety and Depression by Lucinda Basset.

My love for resources continues to this day! Not just finding them but testing them out. My brother asked me not too long ago, "Where do you find this stuff?" My answer, honestly, I don't know. The resources tend to find me. And for that reason, I want to share them with you for your Imperfect Journey. My new website features a free curated resource guide that includes; books, podcasts, Ted Talks, Instagram accounts, newsletters, courses, communities, products, and apps.

My hope for the resource section is that you will be inspired to take action, discover a way forward, and gather tangible transformational tools for your Imperfect Journey!

Blessing for discovering the resources you need to heal, grow and transform.

Walking the Journey with You,


If you have resources you love, drop me a note so I can share them with the Imperfect Journey Community!

**My new website will launch next month, so stay tuned!**


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