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My Interview with Brené Brown

Owning our story and loving ourselves through

that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.

~Brene Brown


No, I didn't really have an interview with Brene Brown, but I got your attention didn't I?! However, it would be a dream come true! Read the entire post to see how Brene ends each interview with her fun rapid-fire questions!

Have you ever had to write your bio? Oh, my word, it is tough! Over the past month, I worked with a web designer to create a home for The Imperfect Journey. One of the most challenging aspects of the website was the About Me page. A wise friend suggested I write my unedited story and then condense it. Easier said than done. As I wrote my story, I kept thinking of Brene Brown's podcast, Unlocking Us. Brene asks her guests, "Tell me your story, "at the beginning of each episode. So I placed myself as the interviewee and answered the question.

About Me

I'm Megan, a wife, mother of three, and writer. I created this Imperfect Journey space to share healing, growth, and transformation stories. My passions are creating community and curating resources to support you on your Imperfect Journey.

More About Me

Between the ages of seven and eighteen, I endured a series of small “t” traumas. It began with my parent’s divorce. After that, my family split apart and kept splintering, leaving me feeling alone, scared, sad, and angry. Being so young, I didn’t know how to live in this broken new world.

Seeds of Faith

My mother modeled a strong trust in God and believed faith could heal all wounds. I believe that, too. Although I know God uses people, therapy, and other tools in the healing process. Growing up, my mom was part of a regular prayer group. Their unshakeable faith made a lifelong impact on me. So, as a child, I found a private place to pray and journal.

Quest for Healing

I felt broken, but I knew God had me in his grip. I had a vivid image of a giant hole in my heart. I was unsure how, but I trusted God would mend that hole someday. Besides being a woman of faith and prayer, my mom filled our home with books and tapes about healing and personal growth. She took us to family counseling. That experience later propelled me to seek therapy for healing, transformation, and wholeness.

New Home, New Challenges

When I was fourteen, we moved from Ohio to Alabama. Moving from the Midwest to the South was a culture shock. However, it was a relief to escape the location of painful memories and find a fresh start. I encountered community, fellowship, and a new kind of faith through involvement with Young Life. Unfortunately, I lost ground during these uncertain teenage years when I became involved in an abusive relationship. Yet, I learned valuable lessons that became part of my imperfect journey.

In the Valley

As a freshman at Auburn University, I met my future husband, and things were going well - until they weren't. My world fell apart sophomore year. Panic attacks and anxiety gripped me and took over. I couldn't attend class and hardly left my house. Although my life felt upside down, prayer, therapy, and community sustained me.

Learning and Growing

I moved to Atlanta, where I trained as a Montessori teacher. Fascinated with child growth and development, I connected my past and current problems. This link facilitated more healing. However, the hole in my heart was not whole, and my anxiety persisted. In addition, uncovered memories of sexual abuse affected my marriage. As we worked through this new phase of my imperfect journey, my husband continued to be instrumental in my transformation. Eventually, we started a family, which has been one of the most significant sources of healing. Creating a safe and loving home allowed me to experience what I lacked as a child. Yet, I continued to hunger for wholeness.

The Beginning of Lifelong Healing

After many tries, I finally found a therapist who understood my anxiety. She coached me through cognitive behavioral therapy. Therapy, along with medication, helped heal my acute anxiety. Although finding the right therapist seemed elusive, it was worth the effort.

The Journey Continues

At the age of 48, I re-enrolled at Auburn University. I fulfilled my lifelong dream of completing my degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Unfortunately, through my coursework, I encountered constant triggers from the past. But thankfully, I met a therapist trained in trauma therapy, and it was life changing. 

Life is an Imperfect Journey

I am grateful God has filled the hole in my heart and has made me feel whole. My healing, growth, and transformation continue. My ultimate desire is to inspire and encourage others to keep going forward in hope and healing.

It's not easy to share my story, but I firmly believe that sharing our stories brings healing and hope to one another. So, next month I will share with you another portion of my new website, The Imperfect Journey Community, where YOU can share your story of healing, growth or transformation.

Finally, Brene ends each podcast with her "rapid-fire" questions. So, since I was "interviewed" by Brene Brown, let me answer the questions...

  1. Fill in the blank. Vulnerability is...Hard but necessary.

  2. You're called to do something brave, but your fear is real. What's the first thing you do? Breathe

  3. What's something people often get wrong about you? I swear, kind of a lot.

  4. What's the last show you binged and loved? Outlander

  5. Favorite movie? We're the Millers or Good Will Hunting

  6. A concert you will never forget. The Go-Go's

  7. What's your favorite meal? Meatloaf, mash potatoes, and green beans.

  8. What's on your nightstand right now? Well, it's in my drawer because I don't like anything on my eye mask, iPad, and Kindle.

  9. What's a snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life that brings you great joy? My husband and I with our three children and their person around a table eating dinner.

  10. What's one thing that you are deeply grateful for right now? My husband

I would love to hear your rapid-fire answers, so drop me a note!

Blessing to you and your unique story!

Walking the Journey with You,



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