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The Hands of God

I am holding you by your right hand—I, the Lord your God—and I say to you,

Don't be afraid; I am here to help you.

Isaiah 41:13 (TLB)


Your hands, take a look at them right now.


Think for a moment about The Hands of God.

Telluride, CO, sits in a box canyon (see the picture above), and I remember my brother telling me that it made him think of the cupped hands of God. What a beautiful image.

The Hands of God.

I can hear God whispering, "I will hold you in the palm of my hands and

with an outstretched hand, I will lead you."

Where do you need God's hands right now?

Do you need an outstretched hand? Do you need God to lead you through uncertainty or a difficult situation? By taking God's hand, we place our trust in him. It's not always easy, but God is with us, saying, "Hang on tight, I've got you."


Do you need cupped hands to hold you? Do you need to settle in and rest in the cupped hands of God? When we allow ourselves to rest in God, he can sit with us in our weariness and ease our burdens.

Outstretched = Trust


Where do you need to trust God's way?

Take his hand. Walk with him. God's hand feels strong, and his grip secure. Feel confident that he knows the way. Relax and let down your guard.

Cupped = Rest


Where do you need rest?

With a warm embrace, God holds us.

And when worry or fear is too much, he holds us. When we are frustrated, irritated, or impatient, we can put our feelings and emotions in God's cupped hands and rest, knowing that he will soothe and comfort us not to make our feelings disappear but to make them safe for us to see.

I am thankful for the images of God's outstretched hands and his cupped hands and how they help us in different ways.

Take time and ponder what hands of God you need in your life right now.

Trust and Rest and Peace Be With You!

Blessings as The Hands of God descend upon you.

Walking the Journey with You,


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