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How to Find Hope Between Darkness and Light

“May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace.”

Umair Siddiqui


Which do you prefer?




This post is for my sister, who loves a good sunset, whether over the lake or the ocean. The picture above was taken by my sister at Rose Point in my hometown of Rocky River, OH. It is a spot where people gather to watch beautiful sunsets over Lake Erie.

One morning as I did Everyday Sanctuary (a spiritual practice that takes five minutes or less), the breath prayer was Darkness to Morning. It made me think about sunrise and sunsets and how captivating it is when darkness meets light. In that place, that small window of time, there are splendid colors. So we wake up early to see the sunrise or plan our evening around the sunset.

Darkness to Light

Light to Darkness

How often have we been in a place between light and dark? A transition time, a time of uncertainty, seeing the end but not quite there yet. These are not times we think of as beautiful. They are not times we seek out or plan around. Nevertheless, there are moments in our lives when we find ourselves between light and dark.

But, What If...

What if God wants to show us through the splendor of the sunrise and sunset that there can be peace, beauty, and tranquility even in the in-between times.

What if we think about how a sunrise or sunset makes us feel. How we stare in wonder and awe, how we don't even talk but watch in silence, not wanting to miss a minute of it.

What if we took that approach to the times between light and darkness in our lives. How would that change our outlook?

Maybe the sunrise and sunset are God's message of hope to us. Perhaps he is saying, "Be still in this moment. Have faith. I am with you."

Right now, I am deep in transition and waiting, and it is my least favorite place of all. I wrote more about why in December's post, God is Love in Peace and Waiting, and January's post, Who Do You Want to Be. So, seeking out a sunrise or sunset is an idea for me as much as for you; a way to feel God's comforting presence.

Blessing as you wake up early for sunrise, or plan your day to watch the sunset. May you know there can be hope between darkness and light.

Walking the Journey with You,


And for a little bonus, my favorite sunrise song!

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